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Siena, town of the Middle Ages known for its historical, artistic and landscape heritage, is formed by 17 “Contrade”. Each Contrada is autonomous, independent and has its own representative bodies democratically elected.

I wanted to modernize the identity of Siena and each Contrada. I decided to approach the visual codes that characterize the bases of heraldry, giving them a more connected and almost futuristic aspect, keeping in mind their cultural values. With a rather related overview, the red color serves to bring to mind the competition and the rivalry that there is between the Contrade of the city.

For the logo my idea was to move away from the typical representations of the coat of arms. By doing research on Heraldic I discovered that it was possible to decline the colors in pattern and that the Contrade of Siena were not recognized only by the animals, but also by the colors. So I decided to simplify these motives transforming them into identities to be superimposed on the boundaries of the territory of the Contrada they represent.